2022 Heroes of Freedom Snowmobile Ride 1/23/2022 

Mission Accomplished!

Thank you for making the 5th Annual Heroes of Freedom Veterans Snowmobile Ride on 1/23/2022 a success.

Thank you to our veterans for their service and riding with us.  Thank you to our family and friends for their support.  Thank you to our sponsors including G-Force Powersports, Lockheed Martin, Tobe Outerwear, Colorado Mountain Rentals, Klein E Group and On the Trail Rentals.  Thank you to our volunteers.  And thank you to the Mile Hi Snowmobile Club for hosting the ride.

The 2022 Heroes of Freedom Veterans Snowmobile Ride had a great day in the mountains west of Grand Lake with blue skies and white snow capped mountains.  There were 52 veterans and 37 volunteers riding snowmobiles which made for a fun day.  Riders rode nearly 50 miles looping from On the Trail Rentals to Idleglen to Gravel Mountain to Whiskey Park and back to On the Trail Rentals.

Steve Swatlowski and Chad Doughty of the Mile Hi Snowmobile Club started the The Heroes of Freedom Veterans Snowmobile Ride in 2018.  That first year there were only 6 veterans who attended.  Each year since the ride has grown and we hope it will continue growing because we want to give thanks to and share the outdoors with as many veterans as possible.

To participate as a rider, sponsor or volunteer with the   Heroes of Freedom Veterans Snowmobile Ride please contact the club with the "Contact Form" on the "About Page."

See you on the mountain again in 2023,
The Mile Hi Snowmobile Club